About Me

Hello! I’m Nuno Diogo.
Web and Game developer from Lisbon, Portugal.
I have some experience with Rest APIs for the pharmaceutical industry.


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  • Highschool Degree in Técnico de Gestão e Programação de Sistemas de Informação (2011 - 2015)
  • Concepts in Game Development at Open2Study
Work Experience

  • Técnico Superior de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação for Águas de Portugal (October 2022 - Now)
  • Developer for Innowave (April 2021 - September 2022)
  • ASP.Net REST API Developer for Innowave as part of RedIT (November 2019 - April 2021)
  • ASP.Net MVC for the Pharmaceutical industry for CreateBooking (November 2018 - June 2019)
  • Web Developer at NTWeb (July 2017 - September 2018)
  • Game Development Intern at NTWeb (March 2017 - July 2017)
  • IT intern at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia - Universidade Nova de Lisboa (April 2014 - June 2014)


Nemithia is a 2D RPG about a group of children from a faraway planet called Nemithia and their journey to free their home planet from the control of the Drakians, a group of corrupted beings that roam through the galaxy conquering planets and converting their inhabitants into corrupt beings like them.


Thumb War tournament style game with difficulties and with tougher AI opponents that vary on the difficulty selected and the current level.
This game was made as a submission for the Weekly Game Jam 184 where the theme was Thumb War.

Source Code

A concept game for the 9th Pirate Software Game Jam. For this game jam, I decided to go for a chess game with a twist based on the theme – Sacrifice is strength – where you can make pieces stronger by sacrificing others of the same or lower level, changing appearance with each level. The game’s palette only consists of black, white, and purple to fit in with the Art Restriction – 2 Bit Colors.

Source Code

Schrodinger’s Code is a puzzle game where you play as Thomas Schrodinger, a distant relative of Erwin Schrodinger that started to get into making games and during one fateful stormy night while he was testing his game, a bolt of lightning hit his house causing him to get transported inside the game, now he has to fix all of the bugs if he wants to get back to his home.

Source Code